About Me


I have owned my own dogs for 14 years and been around dogs since I can remember! Mainly labs or retrievers. I have had my eldest dog since she was 8 weeks old and the other from birth. I have been through the roller coaster of being a puppy parent and completely understand how hard it can sometimes be! Those teeth, they can really hurt! But honestly, its not because the puppy dislikes you.

I have personal experience of living with a scared of the world or reactive dog and this has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone with her and take her on adventures to help her out. Taking her out to new places and seeing new things in a safe way meant she was learning to be much calmer in her environments. I made sure that I set her up for success so that it wasn’t overwhelming for her. And this is where maximum learning took place. This is also where I found a love for Canine Hoopers. Each week we went along and she loved it! We both did! I saw her grow in confidence and it really helped build our bond up. It is this bond that I am particularly passionate about. I really want people to have enjoy their dogs. Dog training doesn’t have to be boring! Because of this, I decided to become an Instructor with them. My journey with my fearful girl lead me to take official courses, mainly with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and The DoGenius and School of Canine Science to formalise my dog training journey to help others. I am now a proud Crawley dog trainer and Canine Hoopers World instructor using only kind, ethical ways. I use positive reinforcement and force free, science backed methods. I have an Ofqual qualification as well as all my other studies. I find using a relaxed manner and being calm around the dogs to really benefit for the dog. I am based in Crawley, West Sussex and will cover the local area.


I continually take dog training courses, webinars, zoom meetings with other trainers as well as having my nose in a dog book! I am currently studying with Gemma Hodson at Dynamic Dog as well as School of Canine Science.

I am owned by 2 Labrador x collies and a cat!

I hold a Canine First Aid certificate with Dog First Aid Sussex and am fully insured with Protectivity.