Canine Hoopers Courses

At Dog Training with Amanda, I believe that dog training should be a fun and rewarding experience for both the dog and the owner. That’s why we offer a unique Canine Hoopers Course which is designed to teach your dog important skills while building a strong bond. In this course, we focus on teaching your dog to navigate a course of hoops and barrels, while also developing their focus and confidence. With an experienced instructor, your dog will have a great time learning something new.

6-week fun courses £105.00

1-2-1 Puppy Consultation

Our one to one puppy consultation provides a tailored approach to your pup’s individual needs. Our experienced trainer will work with you and your pup to help them learn the basics of training and develop good manners. We can help you build a strong bond with your pup and give you the tools needed for a successful future together.

1 hour £50

3 x 1 hour sessions £140

5 x 1 hour sessions £225

Dog Training 1-2-1 sessions

Our one to one dog training sessions provide a personalised approach to help your pup or dog reach their full potential. Our experienced trainer will work with you and your pup to develop an individual training plan tailored to their needs.

1 hour £50

3 x 1 hour sessions £140

6 x 1 hour sessions £240

Puppy Classes.

Our Puppy Classes offer a fun and supportive learning environment for puppies of all ages. Our experienced trainer provides personalised instruction and guidance to help teach your pup the basics of good behavior and manners. With a focus on positive reinforcement, our classes ensure your puppy will learn valuable life skills as they grow and give you the skills to take into the world.

Ages from when pups have had first vaccinations to 5 months at course start date.

​4 week course £70.00 in Horley at an equestrian sand school.

Skill Up Classes

If you would like to continue your training after doing a puppy class and learn some more training skills, then this is the class for you. In this class you will learn various things such as good door or road manners, chin rest as well as some more walking nicely and recall. There will be a mini assessment at the end for you to take!

Levels 1,2 & 3 available.

6 week Course £105 with assessment